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Here is your guide in this article by our baby product specialist Ms. Mandy.

For this review, we tried to pull together over two dozen sit-in and push-behind style baby walkers and put them under a magnifying glass. In our expensive quality test, we tried to figure out which baby walker is best for solidness, strength, security, style, and usability (for capacity and convertibility). Here we came away with some awesome baby walker that we think you and your little baby will love. To know exactly how we test these baby walkers and to figure out the best walker for baby learning to walk (we also included safety guide!) read the button of the article carefully.

*I know you are uncompromising with your baby. That’s why we’re here to answer all of your inner mind questions. In case you’re in the market for a baby walker who’s just learning to walk, read on!

best walker for baby learning to walk

This top-rated baby walker is one of Amazon’s choice sit-in baby walkers which comes with a classic form of traditional design. The interesting thing is that when we removed it from the bundling, we were astonished at two things: first, how lightweight it was (just around 12 pounds!), and second, how it collapsed up into an entirely slim organization and it can surprisingly slide under the bed to make some extra room. So we were looking great so far!

It is easy to unfold it and it comes out of the box with beautiful stylish silky design and colors. I noticed one thing the tray is larger than as usual baby walker and the tray is wrapped around the side of the little baby. This larger tray increases the safety of your baby as it makes it harder to reach things at their right or left. The other feature of the tray that you’ll definitely love is that the tray has a removable insert that can be popped off and you can clean it easily.

The infant seating surface is delicate and extravagant, and simple to clean off or expel for machine washing; the texture is high caliber, and we didn’t see any shading draining or shrinkage. No need to worry if your baby is a little bit short. The advanced three height adjustment system helps to make sure your baby’s little feet on the floor. Joovy has designed with a maximum height of 33.5 inches and a weight capacity of a maximum of 30 pounds.

You’ll be surprised to know that the walker performed smoothly during roiling/gliding and our test babies didn’t appear to have any trouble getting this to proceed onward hardwood, tile, or tile floors.

Furthermore,  no need to worry about the materials of this Joovy Spoon walker. They are liberated from BPA, PVC, and phthalates and ok for little hands (and jaws). So generally, we were truly intrigued with highlights and wellbeing of this walker, all without tactile over-burden with huge amounts of insane toys joined.



  • Easy storage options with flat folding feature.
  • Stylish, lightweight and durable.
  • Can be used as a sit in walker/ push walker.
  • Larger than average wheels for different floors.
  • 3 different height adjustments.


  • Difficult to carry/transport due to extra large size.
  • Stalls out on carpet if elastic guards are left on.
  • More suitable for taller/older babies.
best walker for baby learning to walk

VTech Sit to Stand is available in pinks and purples (as shown in the pictured) or orange and green colors. When pediatricians point the finger at the sit-in baby walker’s bad sides, this was one of the appropriate responses. This one comes for those babies who have just figured out how to pull themselves up but haven’t figured out how to walk freely. 

As it has no functionality for your little baby to sit inside the walker and move around so it’s a little bit different phase of use comparing to sit-in walker.  If your baby has better head/neck control than I can say the sit-in style walker will work fine for your baby. But this type of push walker won’t be helpful for your little babies if your babies can’t pull to stand. If they can do it they can grab the handle of the walker and get themselves rid of the wide range of difficulty! That’s why this is an ideal walker for babies aged between 9 months to 2 years old.

The most interesting part about this walker it’s called  “Sit-to-Stand” and meant it. Vtech Sit-To-Stand can be used as a little 2 in 1  activity center by inserting the play portion and placing it on the floor. Your little baby can sit down next to the walker and can play with colorful eye-catchy toys. After that, you can unfold it placed back onto the frame and utilized as a push-around infant walker and that’s the “stand” feature.

From my point of view, it’s pretty disappointing as a sit-in walker, however, it does truly well as a push-walker with a great price point. It’s really a low budget walker we found in the market and we saw it as steady, strong, and have great fun toys as the high profile walker has. For example, I can say the fun toys included a beautiful little phone, piano keys that play music, rollers, and gear cogs, and awesome light-up buttons. To control the music and lights, it takes two AA batteries which are really included (that is uncommon!)

It’s been the best-selling baby walker in amazon or on the local market for several years now as it has great features in a low budget! Overall we loved this push walker and we think this one of the best walker for baby learning to walk.



  • Durable material quality.
  • Many entertainment facilities available.
  • Two different wheels settings for different stage of walking.
  • Different height adjustment options.
  • Inspire design for natural learning.


  • Battery requires.
  • Someone may find music is too loud.
Best walker for baby learning to walk

We were looking for a super cute and stylish wooden walker that is well constructed and sturdy. The Cossy classic baby wooden walker is one of them.  The frame of this walker made of wood with beautiful bright primary colors with a cute look. The walker is made with great craftsmanship with non-toxic paint.

When you’ll pull this out of the box it’ll take less than 5 to 7 minutes to assemble the minor parts of the walker (don’t worry it’s kinda easy!). The wooden wheel is used rubber-type trim and it helps to protect your floor from any kind of scratch. Furthermore, it helps to prevent sideways sliding. You’ll find there is a cute xylophone for making music. Being honest in my testing unit I found the xylophone does not sound great. But hey it’s just a toy. Like other models, this one doesn’t come with preset adjustment. Rather than you can now adjust your wheels screw to make your walker harder or easier to push. 

This is a great walker with a comfortable height for those babies aged 12 to 18 months. You can put the xylophone stick the little storage basket which situated on the back of the walker and we loved it. In our test, we found the toys which come with this walker are eye-catchy colors and sturdy enough as your baby will love it. After our long test, we can say this is really a quality walker with lots of features with some cute fun toys. 

The only bad aspect of this walker that we found in our unit is the wheels. It is quite hard to adjust the screw equally to all of the wheels. As a result, the wheels tend to loose easily or spin faster than your desire. But our experience says that for handy parents this is not a big issue.

Gear Tips

You can change the friction of the wheels by using some Teflon washers.



  • Durable material quality.
  • Many fun toys available.
  • Luxury look with wooden frame.
  • Rubber trim in the wooden wheels.
  • Inspire design for natural learning.


  • Hard to tight all the wheels equally.
Best walker for baby learning to walk

At first, I want to say this is one of the cute and high-quality baby walkers I’ve ever tasted. When I unboxed this I feel surprised as it comes in the box very low weight with a beautiful sleek design. I can promise you and your baby will love it because of excellent craftsmanship, eye-catchy non-toxic paint colors, and the interesting fun toys. 

In our testing unit, we found that it’s almost impossible to tip over in any direction. There is a huge basket in the front of the walkers as that your baby can keep random things on it and your baby will love to push it. I can say this Hape Wooden Wonder Walker is a very sturdy and stable walker among I’ve tested as many baby walker for this review. It is really easy to assemble this walker. The only downfall is that the wheels of the walker are pretty hard to turn. Maybe you know this is a common issue for the wooden walkers. While other models like VTech can turn by basically sliding sideways, these impossible for this. As the wheels are heavier than the regular model it’s difficult to turn. Another downfall issue in the wooden walker is that it produces less motion in the wheels. 

Overall this Hape Wooden Wonder Walker is really stable, sturdy, and great craftsmanship walker with great intelligent fun toys. If the wheel related issue is not a big deal for you than I can say this will be a great option for you and your baby who’s just learning to walk.


To spin your wheels speedy or slowly you can adjust your screw (exactly we discussed in above Cossy Classic model).



  • Stable and sturdy with high material quality.
  • Fun toys available to improve motility..
  • Huge basket in the front.
  • Can be used as both push and pull type walker.
  • Luxurious design with great wooden furnishes.


  • Heavy wheels than as usual.
  • Not for all age babies.
best baby walker learning to walk

If you are looking for a great looking walker with a friendly functionality then this will be the best option for you. The removable toys are the main selling point for this walker. The removable toy station can be used on a flat surface whenever you and your baby required.

The height of the walker is adjustable so that it’ll grow with your little baby. In my testing unit I figure out the mechanism of moving the seat height is a little bit confusing for new users. But for those handy parents, it’s not a big deal. Even a newbie can fix it after a few tries (Don’t try to adjust the seat height while the baby in the seat).

In the toy station, you’ll found a few balls and whistles and it’ll keep your baby entertained and busy. There is a little music-making toy and this is the most beautiful thing in this walker for me.  This music-making toy produces three different sounds and three different little songs that your baby will love (This will be a great memory when your baby will grow). The good news is the sound of the music is not excessive and it won’t make any sound unless you press it.

A little bumper is placed under the bottom guard of the walker so that it can prevent the walker from going downstairs or off any accidentally short drops. It also allows us to prevent the walker from crossing room transition. The little steering wheels are turnable from left to right and there is punchy click sound happen when you’ll turn the wheels. An interesting thing is that there is also a horn and it lights up.

Overall this one is a great sturdy walker and not flimsy at all. The wheel spin well on any hard floor. The wheels can turn in forward and backward but not as freely as Joovy Spoon. I also love the rubber bumper that works as brakes when hitting the irregular ground. Finally, for an inexpensive walker, this walker has a lot of great features.



  • Based on safari themed.
  • Removable toy station.
  • Different height adjustment.
  • Wheels brakes and horn system.
  • Beautiful music system.


  • Portable option unavailable.
  • Wheels are little bit tight.
Best walker for baby learning to walk

This walker is gender-neutral, so it’s a great buy especially if you plan on having more babies in the near future. Very sturdy design with an easy quick elliptical connect frame is the main selling point for this walker.

For our testing unit, it took me less than 10 minutes to assemble. You’ll find there are buckles underneath on the material part of the seat it helps to lower or raise your child off of the floor. Easily accessible piano keys for a little hand with beautiful lighting systems are included to keep your babies busy (It required three AA batteries).

I love the swivel wheels upfront functionality which allows easy movement while the back wheels are fixed. There is a clip in the material seat to lock it for safety purposes in the frame and it can be easily removable to wash the seat completely (in case if your baby has an accident).

Finally, this is a good budget-friendly walker if your baby just learning to walk. This is an ideal walker with easy machine-washable seat pads features with quickly insert able activity stations for floor play. If you’re looking for a simple design walker with a sturdy and stable functionality than this is for you!



  • Simple design with elliptical connect frame.
  • Based on caterpillar and animation theme.
  • Quick and easy washable seat pads.
  • Easily insert able workstation.
  • 3 different height adjustment position.


  • Entertainment functionality is limited.
  • Swiveling back wheels option unavailable.
Best walker for baby learning to walk

Over 30 years of experience from the company makes this product a package of comfort, safety, and convenience. Electronic play tray, large snack tray, beautiful lights, sounds, mirrors, and plenty of toys will force you and your baby to fall in love with this walker.

Combi Baby Activity Walker is extremely cute and very simple to put together within minutes. The overall flames and shininess of the car are really amazing, the mirrors have the little white fans and it helps to rotate and that catches the attention of your baby.

If you’re looking for a 4-wheel swivel, then this is for you. This 4 wheel swivel makes it easier for the little baby to move around. No need to worry about the sound system. Because it’s exactly as you want, not too loud and not too low! It’s easy to operate the jumper portion of the walker if you know how to adjust it (you can easily do it by reading the instruction).

In my testing unit, the only downfall I found is the plastic on the outside of the base is a little bit sharp on the edges. Since it’s on the outside edge baby can’t hurt himself, but be careful it may hurt when your child ran into your feet.

Overall this is a very good option for a baby who’s just started learning to walk. It has an amazing sturdy design with good cleaning options. The removable large snacks tray is also a nice feature. Sometimes you may think this is over pricey. But after your purchase, you’ll say just like other parents that it’s worth my every penny!



  • Amazing entertainer package with every possible options.
  • Large removable snacks tray to feed your baby.
  • Electronic play tray, lights, mirrors, and plenty of toys available.
  • 4 wheels swivel options for easy movement.
  • machine washable seat pads.


  • Plastic on the outside of base is little bit sharp.
Best walker for baby learning to walk

This Baby walker features Disney’s Garden Delight and Minnie Mouse pattern. A beautiful stable design with extra sturdiness is the main focal point of this walker.

It has an extra-stable base and three different height settings to provide the best fit for your little baby. I love this baby walker as that includes a music module that plays 12 different lovely songs (required batteries not included).

Thanks to Disney Baby walker as it’s wheels are sturdy enough and it helps to moves the walker easily on any floors and carpets. There is also a grip strip that allows reducing movement in any uneven ground. No need to worry about cleaning because it offers easy cleaning machine washable pads with an easy to wipe snack tray functionality.

When I was researching this walker I found something strange. There are some parents who’re are complaining about the bottom of this globe attachment. I inspect and found there is a small plastic catch at the very bottom of the ball that clicks it in place with every single rotation.  When it’ll be clicked in place it may jam your baby’s finger.

Overall this is not a bad option for your little baby who’s just learning to walk.



  • Based on Disney's Garden Delight and Minnie Mouse pattern.
  • Sturdy wheels that works fine in floors and carpets.
  • Different three height adjustment.
  • Inbuilt 12 different lovely songs in music module.
  • Easy to fold with great storage facilities.


  • Small plastic catch at the very bottom of the ball.
  • Batteries is not included.
Best walker for baby learning to walk

Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker comes with a very clean and constructive design. You’ll find there are cute toys that can be removed for a feeding tray. Three different height adjustment options help to balance the height of your walker according to your baby’s growth.

Assembling the walker is quite easy and it can be done within 10 minutes. The big electronic tray comes with a different sound and lights system that will help to keep your baby busy. This is a gender-neutral walker. But if you’ve got a baby girl then the pink color will be the best option for you. I love the easy to fold mechanism which will allow you to carry it when you’ll travel.

Now it’s time to dig out some negative side! From my experience, I can say that the designing of the wheels not so great as Jovy Spoon or VTech Sit. Sometimes it may turn sideways and drag across the floor. As a result, it may cause scratching the floor.

Overall the features mentioned above compelled me to keep this walker 9th position in the list of my best baby walker for learning to walk.



  • Simple and sleek design.
  • Removable steering wheel system to use it as a food tray.
  • Different height adjustment option.
  • Simple folding system for storage and travelling.


  • Wheels may sometimes turn sideways and drag across.
Best walker for baby learning to walk

This well-built walker is one of the most beautiful and luxurious walkers I’ve ever reviewed. There are some unique features in this walker that will compel you to love this walker.

Surprise! …Surprise! The unique feature is that this walker is the first multi-lingual walker that entertains baby with the ABCs, with beautiful colors and common phrases (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese). Different three height adjustment and built-in brake pads options are available in this walker. Seat padded comes with removable and machine washable options and it provides the comfort your baby while scooting around. You can store your walker easily by an easy folding method. Removable play tray allows your baby to play with toys on the floor.

Overall this is a good walker for people who’re searching for a well-built walker with all the basic facilities. People who want to teach your baby multiple languages this walker will help you to make a quick start.



  • Simple and sleek design.
  • Removable steering wheel system to use it as a food tray.
  • Different height adjustment option.
  • Simple folding system for storage and travelling.


  • Wheels may sometimes turn sideways and drag across.

FAQs for Best Walker for Baby Learning to Walk

What's the best walker for baby learning to walk?

These are the important questions and for this, you’re here. Parents are serious about their baby’s safety and comfort. That’s why when choosing a walker keep safety and comfort in your first choice. As your child will grow in the time being so always consider buying a height adjustment, available walker. 

Besides this, if you’ve stairs facilitated house then try to consider a walker that has a better base like Joovy Spoon and Safety 1st models (your situation may differ so it’s recommended to watch out your baby). If you’re a busy mom then a dedicated snack tray will help you to feed your baby quickly. Some walkers offer removable play tray and it helps your baby to play with toys on the floor.  However, if you’ve got a wooden or carpet floor then you may need a special configuration walker. For better judgment, it’s requested to Read This article.

Is walker safe for my baby?

This is the most  complex question to answer in one word. When I was researching and reading many blog and child safety organization blog I found some interesting info. They always tried to say it’s not good for babies as its slow down overall development of babies. In some countries like Canada it’s prohibited to use baby walker.

But some parents still think walker is useful and there are also some interesting statistics. If you’re a busy mom then walker may be a good option for you. Besides nowadays some walkers doing so well to develop the entire system of walkers by upgrading many features.  

How old a baby should for use a walker?

Most baby products come in the market with a specified age restriction.  Okay as we’re discussing seated walkers in our review, it’s ideal to acquaint them with your baby when he’s:

(1) Ready to hold his head up consistent and

(2) Ready to contact the floor with his feet when in a walker.

You’ll find every big industrial made baby walkers comes in the market for babies between 4-16  months age. I’ll say in any case it’s recommended to utilize better judgment if its related to your baby. 

Baby Walkers Safety Guide & Instructions

There are some dangers related to baby walkers especially if you leave your baby unattended. There are some statistics in the blog I found that baby walkers cause a critical number of wounds.

So never forgot mentioned points when you’ll purchase a baby walker

 1.  Make sure your baby walker has nonslip/ brake pads at the base.  It’ll help to prevent your baby fall when he/she in the stairs.
2. Make sure the baby walker comes with the CPSC safety standard. CPSC always update their security principles as that your baby be safe from any kind of accidents and injuries.

  • The size of baby walker should be larger than standard door size.
  • Automatic brake system should be equipped with baby walker when the walker moves on the edge of stairs.
  • Leg opening zone should be secure properly.
  • Ensure that buckles and straps are right place as that it can hold the baby tightly and safely.

Final Step

Finally, we’re here at the end of our review. In our whole review, we tried to focus only on the best walker for baby learning to walk. A good walker can entertain your baby with a lot of productivity and can make you anxious free from any kind of safety issue.

So from my side, it’s highly recommended to buy a walker from your personal preference. Because of your home condition, your baby’s demand, and your choice may not be the same as others. Always go for the products which you and your baby will be comfortable with according to your demand and budget.

Ms. Mandy
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