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When parents figured out the symptoms of their baby walking most of them go for google and search the best walker for baby learning to walk or something like that. However, there are some parents like me who love to research a little bit before purchasing anything especially if it’s related to the baby.

Now it’s time to face the most controversial question in the infant world! And the question is “Are baby walkers safe for development?” Since it’s the most viral and sensitive topic I decided to solve it with child specialist Dr. Sara Tancredi from Shriners Hospitals Northern California.

* We tried to pull out not only the negativity of the walker but also some valid reason. For your all query we figured out almost all the statistics and put them in our review. If you’re really interested in the baby walker read on –

Are Baby Walkers Safe for Development?

Before discussing with Dr. Sara Tancredi about baby walker I did a little bit of homework. I browse google to analyze different child safety blog and dig out some parents’ popular questions about the baby walkers. The most interesting thing is that I found some statistics say a baby walker is one of the reasons for delay walking for babies. That’s why I noted this question and I wanted to know a specific answer from her. Since Sara always face this type of controversial question she tried to answer me in a pretty shortcut informative way.

Though some parents may think baby walkers help to walk it's not true. Statistics show that it delays this development milestone by about 30 days. Since baby walkers block the baby’s view of his or her own leg while walking so it makes obstruction to building confidence for self walking. All you need to know your baby's nature and your housing condition. Moreover, never leave your baby in a carrier all the time.

Dr. Sara Tancredi

She also said baby walkers that may cause danger as it gives baby mobility (most of the walker move 3 feet per second). Another research shows that baby walkers may cause atypical walking patterns. Probably this is one of the main reason that baby walker is banned in Canada.

Are Baby Walkers Safe for Development?

This one is another controversial topic now. I’ll try to make you clear about this in a pretty shortcut logical way. You can see most baby walker manufacturers make baby walkers in a similar way. I mean a wide opaque plastic tray and comparatively small leg opening area to reduce the opportunity of tipping accidents or suffocation from the baby’s head being wedged in the seat.

As a result this design prevent the baby to see his/her moving little legs and this one is the against of development studies. Development studies recommend that visual feedback about body position and limb movement is one of the mandatory things  for the timely acquisition of motor milestones.

baby walker side effect

Including our previous points, there are also some specific side effects of the baby walkers. Using long term baby walkers may cause affect your baby’s private parts. Besides, I found some exceptional cases like the baby’s private area may get chaffed by a walker (wearing full pant can prevent this). 

Expert Tips From Dr. Sara

Let the baby use a walker for a short period of time then let him/her take a break. Putting proper clothes is important. Since your baby will stand and sit again and again their private area will be in touch with the walker. So their private part may get chaffed. Applying coconut oil in this area 2 to 3 times a day can help you to solve this problem. This is a good habit to wash the walker in every 15 to 20 days as the baby may make pee-pee or poo-poo while in the walker.

Most of the baby walkers increase the possibility of falling down the baby from stairs and cause injuries. Nowadays some baby walkers model like Joovy Spoon doing a great job by helping to prevent falling your baby from stairs. Another downfall I found in a baby walker is that sometimes being tripped by the carpet or something on the floor may cause accidents. To avoid this issue if you want to buy a walker always go for the best baby walker for carpet.

Are Baby Walkers Safe for Development?

Perhaps my answer would have been NO. I can clearly remember when I was 6 and my little sister used to play around with a baby walker. That traditional walker was poorly constructed wheels with less functionality. These poor wheels often caused injuries as it always catches on something and down it went, along with the baby. Probably this was the time when people started thinking are baby walkers safe for development? In order to walk a baby need to control his/her balance and muscle and it can only be done by a regular basis practicing.

Nowadays baby walkers come with all Ferrari functionality. Charming light, beautiful colors, music box, horn, and removable toy station keep your baby busy with fun stuff. Moreover, this increases your baby’s motor skills. There is also some baby walker with bilingual features.

Here my recommendation will be always to concern about safety first. If you’re a busy mom and want to give your baby a walking partner then baby walker isn’t a bad option. 

Ms. Mandy
Ms. Mandy

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